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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ellens still life proposal

I feel that the maneuverability of the view camera would really lend itself to the type of miniatures that I built sophomore year out of food. I plan on building a landscape out of similar materials but am in the process of deciding whether I would create an imaginary world or an actual place.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still Life Concept- Sabrina Hegedus

I'm trying to use nails or needles and small buttons with tied thread to create objects resembling flowers. I have mini trees and landscaping to make these flowers the most surreal part of the landscape. Thread forming the grass along with moss. I want to try for shallow depth of field.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still Life Idea- Matt Holler

I've always been very interested in photographing orchids with models. For this assignment, I'd like to photograph orchids on their own. I want to show that by creating tight crops and playing with perspective and focus, you can define flowers as shapes and abstract beings. Orchids are known as the "sexy" flower and I think that by photographing them in this way I can really show that.

I plan on accessing these flowers from an orchid grower in Myakka city. The grower produces many varieties of orchids which she supplies to Selby Gardens and local business. Along with familiar cross breeds, she also creates many hybrid breeds of her own which are unique and distinctive.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cara Calhoon - proposal_A1

As we can see, I am 2 days late. I am going to be shooting in a 1:6 scale "room" in which I am creating and I am going to stage dollhouse furniture and photograph the interior. I've always been interested in architectural and interior photography and I appreciate how the view camera lets you explore architecture whereas the digital camera doesn't. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Leeann Warren Still Life Proposal

My idea is simple with the intention of making it beautiful. I'd like to have dry fish skeletons and photograph a few different kinds separately. I'm thinking about shooting each skeleton on either black or white acrylic background depending on how visible the skeletons are. Im looking forward to seeing how these will turn out.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still Life Proposal - Heather

I am thinking of doing my still-lifes on the theme of one persons trash is another persons treasure. I would like to go find some garage/yard sales and find some objects that have their own personal/character and photograph those.

Ghetto Trash

I'm going to be photographing the litter collected from MLK park and MLK proper. My hopes are that it will help illustrate the ethnic culture of Oldtown and it's Black American inhabitants.

Proposal (Still Life)

I am juggling two ideas around at the moment. With one of my ideas is to base my still life on the theme of magnetism. I would utilize the properties of a magnet to create gravity defying elements within the images. I believe this would create a different twist in the still life world. My second idea is more of a traditional approach to still lifes, draping of cloths, window lighting, similar to Adriaen van Utrecht's paintings but based on outlandish consumer products that you see in stores today. My main focus would be energy supplements such as Monster, Jolt, Red Bull, Fat Burners, Power Bars. I feel that it would be an interesting context to see these products placed in. The color should also be interesting, seeing how the designs are made to catch your attention. Techniques that I will likely utilize are back standard movements, to adjust perspective of the bottles to give a more "upright" look.

Hans Ederer, Still Life Proposal

For this assignment I find myself leaning back towards wire. For those of you who saw my altered book, you'll know sot of the direction I am thinking. Instead of winding in and out of a book though I want to do it with the form of the human skull. I want to project an image (or two due to eye sockets) through the skull via normal studio lighting. This will require me to cut the skull in half to provide room for the projecting light. The idea behind this is how storytelling has changed from a communal activity to a largely solitary and visual experience. Also, quite honestly, my use of the skull is based partially on the strength and symbolism of the skull but also upon my opinion on the efficacy of combining certain elements. Spatially and conceptually speaking, I think a doll head would come across as creepier and also much more difficult to focus light through.
The plan is for me to mesh out an internal structure to hold up the subject (a simple skeleton mask - should this prove effective then a recreation with higher end elements may be in order). After this is complete bits will be weaved in and out of the surface to both bind the elements together as well as implement the creeping look of technology on the subject. Once this is set up I will create mounts for slide (or in this case transparencies like the ones we used for cyanotypes) images in the eye sockets. Ideally they would be images of groups of people. As for the focusing though, I'm not hoping for too much in terms of both images being any more than remotely recognizable. Then, distancing will be roughed out for light to image to screen and the back will be placed wherever is needed. The goal will be to create one image from the front that does not lend to any alteration to the skull with the light pouring into the camera while another will be to shoot the skull from behind and at an angle that shows the screen as well as the inside of the skull. If possible I would like to composite this image but I already have my work cut out for myself as is.

The significance for shooting this with a view camera is to go along with the clash of old and new. Sure I could shoot this with a digital camera but I couldn't control the focus on the face as well in order to mask the inner workings, nor could I change the shape to assist in this manner as well.

I'm excited about the idea and have the skull and am already cutting it up as needed. If any of you think I'm totally screwing myself over though, go ahead and say so.

Monica Bello, Still Life Proposal.

When I was a little girl I visited Wisconsin with my family. While visiting my mother took me out one afternoon to antique thrift shops. She told me I could pick out what I liked. In the end, I decided upon a miniature glass tea cup set, but soon realized that because it was an antique I could not play with it as freely as I had expected to. Now, as an adult with more control over my actions, I'd like to compose a still life with my antique teacups. I have thoughts of them stacked, as well as lying down as though they have been tipped over. If they are tipped over I think I would like either tea or grounded tea leaves spilling out of the cup. I wish to zoom in on the tea cup, throwing certain points out of focus, emphasizing on the spilt tea. Most likely having the split teacups in the foreground, throwing other teacups in the background or just the background of out focus.