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Monday, January 25, 2010

Leeann Warren Still Life Proposal

My idea is simple with the intention of making it beautiful. I'd like to have dry fish skeletons and photograph a few different kinds separately. I'm thinking about shooting each skeleton on either black or white acrylic background depending on how visible the skeletons are. Im looking forward to seeing how these will turn out.


  1. I would ask yourself, why the choice of acrylic versus an environmental setting. Then comes the question of lighting and focus. Do you want absolute sharpness or extreme shallow depth of field?

    Why fish... why dry... what is your attraction to fish?

    fish out of water=fish-water=dry fish

  2. I think this is a unique idea. If you decide to still go with acrylic, a black acrylic maybe give a better contrast against white bones as well as a more dark and melancholy feel. It depends on what you wish to say with the piece of course. If you can achieve and high key look on the white acrylic it may read as sterile or sanitary, which may be nice as well. If you wish to concentrate on the beauty of the recently passed, shooting in studio will give all attention to only the bones.

  3. I was at myakka today and saw a ton of dead catfish and skeletons of all sizes. If you need some the picnic areas, ones near water obviously, of the park are littered with skeletons.

  4. That's what got me thinking about what I wanted to do for my still life, finding dead fish on the beach mostly decayed. Monica- that's exactly what I was thinking for the black acrylic, depending on how I light it I think it'll really allow the skeletons to stand out. I was thinking of incorporating some sand in the shots... not sure.