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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still Life Concept- Sabrina Hegedus

I'm trying to use nails or needles and small buttons with tied thread to create objects resembling flowers. I have mini trees and landscaping to make these flowers the most surreal part of the landscape. Thread forming the grass along with moss. I want to try for shallow depth of field.


  1. Try not to complicate these still lifes. just the needles alone are enough for these images. For the background, consider a less didactic approach to the landscape. Perhaps lace that is out of focus and maybe some tilt shift.

  2. I have already begun to see you working on these images, and I am excited to see them printed. I love the color pallet you chose, the values and colors you are working with for your miniature foliage is reminiscent of seasons, which adds a whole new experience to the images.