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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ghetto Trash

I'm going to be photographing the litter collected from MLK park and MLK proper. My hopes are that it will help illustrate the ethnic culture of Oldtown and it's Black American inhabitants.


  1. Do you show every item or collection of items? Could you approach this as a pseudo scientific project and not limit yourself to MLK? What about a 10 yard stretch of MLK, The Meadows, a Hispanic neiborhood, etc...

  2. I spy science. Tay, you're doing it. Take samples from a set radius (I can drive you around as always).

    IF you go with the scientific sample route though I say shoot it with that influence. Extreme sharpness and orientation more along the "absolute axis" as opposed to the more aesthetic angles.

  3. I decided to keep my area of search within a one block area along MLK. I chose the block most personally observed to host outdoor gatherings. I was considering the historical aspect of shooting it sharp and straight on, catalog-style, and decided to go with the more aesthetically founded small area of sharpness along the objects. I chose this option because this is not an accurate method of human study by nature. At it's most basic level, it is nothing more than a vague generalization of personal observation. I want the low depth of field to be a reflection of the accuracy of such a study.