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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Proposal (Still Life)

I am juggling two ideas around at the moment. With one of my ideas is to base my still life on the theme of magnetism. I would utilize the properties of a magnet to create gravity defying elements within the images. I believe this would create a different twist in the still life world. My second idea is more of a traditional approach to still lifes, draping of cloths, window lighting, similar to Adriaen van Utrecht's paintings but based on outlandish consumer products that you see in stores today. My main focus would be energy supplements such as Monster, Jolt, Red Bull, Fat Burners, Power Bars. I feel that it would be an interesting context to see these products placed in. The color should also be interesting, seeing how the designs are made to catch your attention. Techniques that I will likely utilize are back standard movements, to adjust perspective of the bottles to give a more "upright" look.


  1. Check out Christine Chin -

    I like to see some sketches for the first idea.

    As for the second, I imagine there is so fun to be had creating a modern food still life study... canes tipped open, bars half eaten or a pantry over flowing.

    But the Adriaen van Utrecht images where about these images of plenty... what is the connecting to your modern theme.

  2. I agree with the "upright" look you wish to go for. I feel as though maybe you could shoot the energy drinks (and supplements) from bellow, or simply change the shape with the view camera (like your saying) so that they seem overpowering with the top of the cans (supplements) leaning/towering forward. This would probably work for a advertisement of some sort.

  3. I overheard you talking about doing this in a formal still life fashion. Seeing as your subjects are energy drinks and such in lieu of then-everyday bottles and fruit... Think of what to "drape" the scene with to take the place of the nice bit of cloth. Synthetic fibers? Wrappers? Grocery bags?

  4. Photographing contemporary products in such a manner could be a very intriguing experience, both for yourself and the audience. Just be sure to step back and look at your piece as you shoot. Does the lighting capture shapes and reflective surfaces in a manner that denotes everyday, or has it elevated the third party energy bars into something to be analyzed and considered? Be sure to use a large amount of diffusion as well, the harsh highlights on certain angles will add a geometric aspect to your work that I think could be considered distracted or even conflicting with your intended motivations.