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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monica Bello, Still Life Proposal.

When I was a little girl I visited Wisconsin with my family. While visiting my mother took me out one afternoon to antique thrift shops. She told me I could pick out what I liked. In the end, I decided upon a miniature glass tea cup set, but soon realized that because it was an antique I could not play with it as freely as I had expected to. Now, as an adult with more control over my actions, I'd like to compose a still life with my antique teacups. I have thoughts of them stacked, as well as lying down as though they have been tipped over. If they are tipped over I think I would like either tea or grounded tea leaves spilling out of the cup. I wish to zoom in on the tea cup, throwing certain points out of focus, emphasizing on the spilt tea. Most likely having the split teacups in the foreground, throwing other teacups in the background or just the background of out focus.


  1. Shoot the tea cups with a DSLR first to sketch out some of your compositions. Are there elements from the design of the cups you like to expand upon... pattern, art deco, etc...

  2. I really like the idea of having some tea leaves spilling out of the cups, even just having some in the composition somehow. I think it could bring a nice aesthetic to your pictures in contrasting the rough texture of the leave with the smooth texture of the cups. I think with the way you want to shoot this, they can be very simple and beautiful images.

  3. I saw you shooting them earlier. No tea leaves though, none to waste or still just figuring out the cups?

    Maybe I already talked to you about this in the labs but I think but patterns that work with the depth of field you choose should be kept in mind.

  4. Have you considered playing around with the concept of force field perspective? I think if your goal is give us some inkling of what this teacups did for your imagination for you when you were a little girl, then you'll need to embrace a shooting style that is as free forming in reality as imagination itself. Fun enough, I'd embrace watching Alice in Wonderland for inspiration on teacup-play.