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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hans Ederer, Still Life Proposal

For this assignment I find myself leaning back towards wire. For those of you who saw my altered book, you'll know sot of the direction I am thinking. Instead of winding in and out of a book though I want to do it with the form of the human skull. I want to project an image (or two due to eye sockets) through the skull via normal studio lighting. This will require me to cut the skull in half to provide room for the projecting light. The idea behind this is how storytelling has changed from a communal activity to a largely solitary and visual experience. Also, quite honestly, my use of the skull is based partially on the strength and symbolism of the skull but also upon my opinion on the efficacy of combining certain elements. Spatially and conceptually speaking, I think a doll head would come across as creepier and also much more difficult to focus light through.
The plan is for me to mesh out an internal structure to hold up the subject (a simple skeleton mask - should this prove effective then a recreation with higher end elements may be in order). After this is complete bits will be weaved in and out of the surface to both bind the elements together as well as implement the creeping look of technology on the subject. Once this is set up I will create mounts for slide (or in this case transparencies like the ones we used for cyanotypes) images in the eye sockets. Ideally they would be images of groups of people. As for the focusing though, I'm not hoping for too much in terms of both images being any more than remotely recognizable. Then, distancing will be roughed out for light to image to screen and the back will be placed wherever is needed. The goal will be to create one image from the front that does not lend to any alteration to the skull with the light pouring into the camera while another will be to shoot the skull from behind and at an angle that shows the screen as well as the inside of the skull. If possible I would like to composite this image but I already have my work cut out for myself as is.

The significance for shooting this with a view camera is to go along with the clash of old and new. Sure I could shoot this with a digital camera but I couldn't control the focus on the face as well in order to mask the inner workings, nor could I change the shape to assist in this manner as well.

I'm excited about the idea and have the skull and am already cutting it up as needed. If any of you think I'm totally screwing myself over though, go ahead and say so.


  1. Bring it in on Friday, but if you can, please post any images on the blog you may have to aid in visualizing this piece.

  2. I can see a mental image of the skull here and it seems like this could make for some intriguing pictures. What type of setting are you thinking for photographing this?

  3. I was thinking of having the background blank at first. Now that you ask though, I may have to find some cloth to back light or run monitors in the back... Something to continue with the theme of man and machine and storytelling. I'm still sewing up the head though. Getting home at 2am seems to put a damper on my sewing.

  4. You and I have already discussed this is great length at home, but I'll reiterate that I'd love to see you embrace the concept of the inevitable merging of humans and machines. It's already happening, and I think this is a perfect opportunity to explore it as a body of work.