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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still Life Idea- Matt Holler

I've always been very interested in photographing orchids with models. For this assignment, I'd like to photograph orchids on their own. I want to show that by creating tight crops and playing with perspective and focus, you can define flowers as shapes and abstract beings. Orchids are known as the "sexy" flower and I think that by photographing them in this way I can really show that.

I plan on accessing these flowers from an orchid grower in Myakka city. The grower produces many varieties of orchids which she supplies to Selby Gardens and local business. Along with familiar cross breeds, she also creates many hybrid breeds of her own which are unique and distinctive.


  1. Joyce Tenneson

    Robert Mapplethorpe

  2. Well Mougel bet me to Mapplethorpe so... Georgia o'Keefe!

    I don't remember if you hve any B+W film but if not, I'd say go for some of Mougel's. It's been done a million times but flowers + B+W is always good.

  3. Actually, since you're playing with enlargement and abstract shapes and tight cropping for such an organically shaped flower, I'd actually like to see you embrace the color aspect of the flowers. Black and white would limit the images to form and value, yes, but color would celebrate the vibrancy of life that's so universally understood to exist in a flower. If you were to achieve your same intent of abstraction while not eliminating color, I think it could be very successful.